My Face Palm Moment…

I don’t think I’ve ever had a time in my entire life when I felt as DUMB as I did yesterday!

It’s that time of year when I need to re-register my car. If you live in the UAE, you know that it’s a pain in the butt process as it is, but God forbid you are missing a document – it gets even worse!

Now of alllllllllllllllllll documents to be missing, I somehow misplaced my registration card for my car…  I didn’t understand how the heck I could have lost that ONE card because I NEVER use it. Every year when I re-register my car, I just put the card RIGHT back into the same compartment of my car and it stays there until renewal time again.

But somehow, this year – it went missing.

I spent a week looking for it. I searched the whole car, went through my wallet about 5 times, checked all of my purses, opened up every envelope and file I had in the house that pertained to my car… it was nowhere to be found.

Without this card I am unable to pay my fines online (which were shockingly high this year – I’m still not convinced that I deserved all of them) and it just made the entire process a bigger headache.

Finally, I gained the courage and strength to begin the renewal and re-registration process.

It took me 2 and a half hours. TWO AND A HALF hours of going back and forth between buildings… here to pay fines, there to do your car test, oh no – you can’t do your car test without your registration card – go to another building to get a printout that says you lost your registration card (which you’re about to replace in 10 mins anyway)…pay for this paper… okay test passed, pay for this test… now go back to the other building and stand in line all over again… oh – your turn is next!? Sorry I’m going on break… pay money…more for this and more for that…

At the end of that 2 and a half hours I was DYING to get out of there (I forgot my book and my BlackBerry battery had died so I was dying of boredom).  Finally, I get to that last counter…counter 14… where they process the actual registration card.  The sweet man behind the counter handed me my card and I very happily took it and went to put it directly into my wallet so that I didn’t lose it again… and as I go to slide it into the pocket of my wallet, you’ll never guess what I found…………………………………..


It was in my @#$*!% wallet the ENTIRE time!!!!!!

JML… (that stands for Just My Luck… my G-rated version of the very popular 3 letter acronym that starts with “F”)

I really don’t think a fail could get more epic than that.

This was me yesterday… I’ve never felt so dumb in my life.



Yesterday on my show, (The Sheena Show on Radio 1 – 104.1/100.5FM across the UAE from 10am-1pm…pardon the plug :p ), we were discussing the word “yalla”.

If you’ve ever even BEEN to the UAE let alone lived here, I’m sure you’ve heard this word many times.

Now I always thought that “yalla” meant “let’s go”. According to my listeners, it can also mean “hurry up” or “come on” or other things depending on the situation. No wonder it’s used so often!

But the interesting thing is that the ORIGIN of this word comes from something very slightly related.

Here is an SMS message I got from one of the listeners, Salam:

It’s actually not one word, it’s “Ya Allah” which is a call out to God to make the path ahead “obstacle free”. Some of the older men in my family still use it when they want to leave somewhere or enter a place.
It was also used in the old days as an announcement from men as they enter a house, to notify/warn the women to cover their hair.
I guess it’s one of those words that we grew up using but never really gave much thought to =)

I was so impressed with this little tidbit of history that I felt the need to share it with you.

It’s always interesting to find out the origin of words and phrases that we use on a daily basis without really understanding their original meanings. I definitely feel a little bit smarter after learning this 🙂

What’s Your Animal?

Have you ever noticed that some people exert certain characteristics that resemble a specific animal?

No?? Well, me neither… but one of my friends has this exceptional ability to animalize people! She often describes people in terms of an animal, and surprisingly – it makes a lot of sense!

For example, you know you have those skinny, chirpy friends who fleet around and remind you of a bird. Or the manly man with the broad shoulders and majestic aura that reminds you of a lion. Or the sporty, athletic, sleek friends who are like panthers. Some people have mousey features while some not so nice people are just snakes. Others are big and cuddly like bears or snobby and prissy like a cat.

If I had to think of which animal I would be, I think I’d have to go with a chipmunk. Small and squeaky! And of course those chubby cheeks always filled with food that they’re storing for later! :p   Some of my Arab friends call me “batta” which means “duck” but I think it’s just a term of endearment because I can’t really see any resemblance between myself and a duck…and my best friend calls me a Panda… but that’s just not nice!! :p

What’s your animal?

PLAYLIST: Top Song of the Week

Okay so you all know how much I love music right!?

It’s my… everything!!

So I’ve decided to add a weekly segment to my blog – a song that I wanna share with you 🙂

This week’s song is called “The Walk” by Mayer Hawthorne, featuring Rizzle Kicks.

It’s not my usual urban style that I love, but it’s got this retro funk to it that just makes my heart happy! It makes me wanna put on a poodle skirt and do a little shoop shoop dance!

On top of the fun vibe of the song, I also really like the words… it’s like an empowerment song for someone going through a break up but not a soppy sad one. It’s not overly angry either which makes it a total “feel good” song.

My favourite line “and you can walk your cold heart, baby right outta my life..”

You gotta hear this one!!

The WALK – Mayer Hawthorne feat. Rizzle Kicks

A True Legend.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Bob Marley

From the first time I heard the off-beat drums and guitar riffs of reggae music, I’ve loved it.

There’s just something about the vibe of the music that makes you feel like your soul is being transported to a happy place.

But Bob Marley’s music is something more than that. It’s not just the combination of the instruments and voices and beat that makes you wanna dance – it’s the depth and meaning of his songs that gets me.

I watched the movie “Marley” this week – it’s a documentary-style film based on the life, music and legacy of Bob Marley.  If you thought his music was inspirational before seeing this movie, I think you will be even more moved after you watch it.

Ever since I watched the film 2 days ago, I haven’t been able to get Bob Marley music out of my head. I’ve listened to my “BOB” CD about 37.5 times. I made it years ago with all the big Bob songs: Could You Be Loved, Waiting in Vain, No Woman No Cry, One Love, Exodus, Three Little Birds, Jammin’ and more. I’ve been trying to pick a favourite out of them – but it’s near impossible.

Now that I’ve seen the movie, I’m noticing, understanding and being moved by the music on a completely different level.

The movie exposed Bob Marley’s passion for music and love for humanity in a way that I hadn’t really understood before. It showed how simple Bob’s life philosophy was and how he used his music to communicate with and inspire the people. It was all about the people for him. One Love.

The movie is filled with stories and anecdotes from people who had been around him in various stages of his life. It’s got plenty of footage of Bob himself and shares the raw truth of the emotions that he stirred within his loved ones. You can see it on their faces and hear it in their voices as they think back to the time when he brought hope and sunshine into their lives. You can see how much people respected and admired him. He was a good man. He was a generous man. He was a man who lived his life by following his heart. That inspires me.

All of these things play on my mind when I’m listening to his songs now. The lyrics speak to me in a way that makes me feel empowered – like I can stand up for what I believe in, like I am free, like I am filled with love.

Bob Marley believed that LOVE was the answer.

If only he were alive today to help spread that belief throughout our world…maybe it would be a better place to live in.

A True Legend.

“My music will go on forever. Maybe it’s a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.”
Bob Marley

There’s Something Going Around…

Everyone is getting sick.

I think one third of all the people on my BBM list have the green “sick” emoticon face as their status.

The weird thing is that although a bunch of my friends seem to have quite different symptoms, for some reasons the doctors in this place seem to have prescribed the same plethora of drugs to all of them! Do doctors even EXAMINE patients anymore?!? I think they just prescribe a drug for each possible illness all at once and hope that one of them solves the problem! Seriously – a few of my friends have gone to the hospital with different issues and they’ve all come out with at least 7 different medications:

– one for fever

– one for headaches

– one for body pain

– one for sore throat

– one antibiotic

– one for stomach pains

and at least one mystery drug that we have no clue what it’s for!

Last time I went to the hospital because I was sick, I waited over an hour to be seen by a doctor and when he finally “saw” me, I don’t even think he looked up from his paper to see what was wrong! He didn’t check anything – just asked me questions in a very monotonous, uninterested tone and then went on to prescribe what I’m gonna call the UAE Meds Cocktail! I mean, if he really just wanted to ask me questions, we could have had our check up over the phone! Or better yet – he could have just emailed me the list of ingredients in the Cocktail!

Thank goodness for medical insurance, but they are the ones paying an outrageous amount for what seems to be unnecessary treatments. I’m no doctor, but even my 90 year-old grandmother never took this many pills!

On top of that, the doctors don’t explain the drugs well enough, nor do they get to know their patients’ allergies and sensitivities. This often leads to people having reactions to the meds in the Cocktail and leaving the hospital feeling worse than when they arrived. I know I did. I also felt that there was no humanity or care shown to me at all. In fact, the man who was SUPPOSED to make me feel better, ended up making me feel unimportant and insignificant instead.

After these experiences, many people have begun to avoid going to the doctor. The problem with this is that people then begin to self-medicate, which can be dangerous. So here is a plea to those of you who live here in the UAE: if you know any GOOD, legit, genuine doctors who CARE about their patients here in the UAE, leave me a comment and let me know.

We could all use a REAL doctor who knows the true meaning of medical CARE.

The UAE Meds Cocktail