Some advice for the “men” out there…

Ladies, I am SURE this has happened to you at LEAST once if you’ve been living in the UAE for at least a month… and I just can’t understand WHY guys do this!!

Boys… (and I say boys because I feel that “men” wouldn’t do it) – I have some very important advice for you.

Whatever you do in life, please remember this one thing:


I don’t know why guys do this!? Last night some guy followed me all the way home!! I mean seriously, WHAT MAKES YOU GUYS THINK that this will work for you!?

I don’t know a single girl who would ever go out with a guy who followed her in his car and tried to get her number while driving.

It’s sleezy, creepy and if we call the cops, could get you into a lot of trouble.

It ain’t gonna work for you anyway…so just leave the girls alone!


What Women REALLY Think of Guys Who Chase Them In Cars..


9 thoughts on “Some advice for the “men” out there…

  1. Oh so so true Sheena!! This just cracked me up LOL!! Happened yesterday on my way back from AUH!! Dude you cannot cruise next to my car and look (stare!!) at me while driving….first you will smash into the car ahead (probably serves you right!!) and second it aint WORKING!!! Pathethic and very loser-ish!! Irum x

  2. Its disrespect to the ladies and as you say its creepy but in the other hand you have to blame some ladies who go along with this kind of attitude, who real man will not do this as long as he can’t accepted for his sister or wife ,,, but again some ladies they like that and they go along with it NO ALL LADIES DO THAT ,, sorry for bad experience last night happen with you ,,,
    Love your show keep it up and god bless you

  3. you cant blame some guys doing like a stupid things because some lady is accepting such a horrible strategy to caught man…
    but for you…
    i feel so sorry it happened to a respectful lady like you!

  4. Same happened to me when I moved to Dubai 2 years go..and I had called police bcause this creepy guy was following me..and what a retard, I wrote his license plate and called the police cause creep followed me down all the way to entrance..Thank God we had 2 loud dogs! 🙂 Thank God I got my license short after and had bought a car as well >D

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