My Face Palm Moment…

I don’t think I’ve ever had a time in my entire life when I felt as DUMB as I did yesterday!

It’s that time of year when I need to re-register my car. If you live in the UAE, you know that it’s a pain in the butt process as it is, but God forbid you are missing a document – it gets even worse!

Now of alllllllllllllllllll documents to be missing, I somehow misplaced my registration card for my car…  I didn’t understand how the heck I could have lost that ONE card because I NEVER use it. Every year when I re-register my car, I just put the card RIGHT back into the same compartment of my car and it stays there until renewal time again.

But somehow, this year – it went missing.

I spent a week looking for it. I searched the whole car, went through my wallet about 5 times, checked all of my purses, opened up every envelope and file I had in the house that pertained to my car… it was nowhere to be found.

Without this card I am unable to pay my fines online (which were shockingly high this year – I’m still not convinced that I deserved all of them) and it just made the entire process a bigger headache.

Finally, I gained the courage and strength to begin the renewal and re-registration process.

It took me 2 and a half hours. TWO AND A HALF hours of going back and forth between buildings… here to pay fines, there to do your car test, oh no – you can’t do your car test without your registration card – go to another building to get a printout that says you lost your registration card (which you’re about to replace in 10 mins anyway)…pay for this paper… okay test passed, pay for this test… now go back to the other building and stand in line all over again… oh – your turn is next!? Sorry I’m going on break… pay money…more for this and more for that…

At the end of that 2 and a half hours I was DYING to get out of there (I forgot my book and my BlackBerry battery had died so I was dying of boredom).  Finally, I get to that last counter…counter 14… where they process the actual registration card.  The sweet man behind the counter handed me my card and I very happily took it and went to put it directly into my wallet so that I didn’t lose it again… and as I go to slide it into the pocket of my wallet, you’ll never guess what I found…………………………………..


It was in my @#$*!% wallet the ENTIRE time!!!!!!

JML… (that stands for Just My Luck… my G-rated version of the very popular 3 letter acronym that starts with “F”)

I really don’t think a fail could get more epic than that.

This was me yesterday… I’ve never felt so dumb in my life.


9 thoughts on “My Face Palm Moment…

    • Oh I’m gonna take a photocopy of every document I have now and keep it somewhere safe in order to prevent such things from happening… that and make sure I really check PROPERLY next time. I can’t believe I was so dumb!!! :p

  1. hahahahahahahahaa xD !
    i feel so sorry for you but BELIEVE ME we all had these moments, look at the bright side no one knew about it and kept staring at you to make u feel even worse 😛

  2. Daymn girl, we’ve all been subjected to the same torture with all things we look for very hard…I came up with a theory that has been tested and proven to be right!

    The best way to find anything you looking for is to stop looking for it, and it will show up…
    Coz nothing likes to be ignored! Hehehe

  3. Heya sheena,

    We have all been subjected to the same torture by objects we have looked for so hard. I think it’s a universal thing.

    From my personal experience and as someone must’ve said. I have come to the following mantra to find everything I look for.

    “If you wanna find something, stop looking for it and it will show itself from wherever it is”
    And this works for everything, from people to object and even opportunities!! Ohhh and for those elusive feelings called happiness and love too!!!

    Quote the “D” nevermore!! :p
    Love ya sheena!

  4. Hahahahahah

    Pooor shanshooon , now the question is if a police man stopped u , which one ull give him :p

  5. Hahahahahah

    Pooor shanshoooon , now the question is if a police man stopped u , which one ull give him :p

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