Coming Home.

After just about 24 hours of travelling, I finally landed back in Canada last night.

Home at last.  

Jet lag is always an issue so I decided to be productive with my lack of adjustment to the time difference. I woke up at 6:45am and went for a walk with my dad around the neighbourhood.

While walking, I started to take in my surroundings as if I was seeing them for the first time.  It was breathtaking.

From the way the cold, crisp air fills your lungs with freshness to the way the sunlight sparkles through the forest and dances off the leaves; the way the colourful birds sing you “Good Morning” as you pass them by and the adorable chipmunks and squirrels scurry past as if frantically late for a very important date! 

My favourite part, though, was that although I have never met a single one of the neighbours in my parents’ new area, each of them greeted us with a big warm smile and “hello!” as we walked by.

That’s when I realized – this is what I grew up with! This is what I was surrounded with day after day, year after year for my whole life… yet I never once stopped to appreciate it. I never even NOTICED how beautiful all of these little things are!

So I urge you – wherever you are, wherever you live… when you go outside today, take a look around you and truly observe your surroundings. Take a moment to appreciate those little things that we have in front of us every day, but take for granted.

Sometimes it’s those little teeny things that are barely even noticeable that are actually the most amazing things in this world.


The Importance of Curtains.


That amazing feeling of being all warm and snuggled up in your bed, fast asleep, having peaceful dreams… and then…


Some big loud noise gives you a mini-heart attack and you jump with fright and are WIDE awake and startled… your heart beats super fast as you try to make sense of what’s happening around you…

Okay maybe that’s a little bit more dramatic than how it all went down, but that’s what it felt like when it happened.

It wasn’t gunshots or anything breaking… it was just the window cleaners, but having lived in an apartment that’s more than 30 floors above ground, I’m not used to waking up with people’s faces in my window.

Here’s how it really happened:

It was jussst gone 7am (my alarm wasn’t set to go off until 7:30) and I woke up due to a banging noise against my window. Maia (my cat) darted towards the window and started scratching at it,  so I turned around in fear to find the faces of two men peering into my room over one of those over-sized buckets made for window washing. Luckily they didn’t seem too creepy and just went back to focusing on scrubbing the windows, but I still hid my entire body from head to toe under the covers until they left! (of course I managed to stick my arm out from under the covers to snap a photo :p)

I really do need to invest in curtains…

That Awkward Moment When You Wake Up to Strange Men Staring into Your Room


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged cuz I’ve been busy getting ready and preparing for the wedding of one of my best friends!!

You know – dieting, working out like crazy and getting all set to travel back to Canada.

One detail I’m struggling with is something I’m sure MANY girls can relate to – I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!

Now if you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding before then you know that there are MULTIPLE events and therefore I need to sort out about 7 outfits for the different events.  Since my friend has selected me to be one of her bridesmaids, she’s bought a saree for me to match with the rest of the girls and I need to get a blouse made to match.

My only problem – I’m the most indecisive person in the world and I can’t pick a pattern and style!

So this is where you come in – I’ve searched the internet and selected 9 potential designs and put them into the image below.

I would REALLY appreciate it if you could please tell me which one you like the best!
Just check the picture and then just post a comment with the number that you prefer.
Thanks in advance 🙂
*disclaimer* GUYS who are fasting – might not wanna look at this during Ramadan cuz some of the women are pretty hot… but it’s all about the CLOTHING not the models okay!? 🙂

Which number do you think has the nicest design of the blouse? Ignore the colours but look at the shape and style. Thanks 🙂