Hope For Humanity.

Sometimes when I read the newspaper or hear stories about awful things that people do to one another, it leaves me with this feeling of despair – this feeling that there is no longer a sense of humanity in this world that we live in.

The past few months we’ve seen a number of such tragedies around the world. From disfiguring women’s faces with acid to mass murders of innocent children; being exposed to such atrocities has left me searching for the little things. We must remember to appreciate those little things – those teeny tiny random acts of kindness that one human being offers another with no expectations in return. From holding the door open to an appreciative SMS, a heartfelt smile to offering someone a dirham when they’re short at the cashier.

These little things must be noticed and  cherished. For it is in these fleeting moments that humanity shines through, and a flicker of hope will spark inside your heart.

Look for them. Create them. Give us hope for humanity. humanity