Who Is Mr. Chip?

For those of you who have been following this blog so far, you may have noticed that my lovely mother has been commenting on some of the posts.

At first I was hesitant to “approve” her comment on one post in fear that she would expose us as the crazies that we are, but then in the end, I thought “what the heck!?” This is my life – and I’m sharing it with you :p

My mother is an amazing woman. She’s always smiling, laughing, light-hearted and warm. Nothing fazes her. Nothing really gets to her. She’s always zen.

I dont know about you, but I would LOVE to be this way! Personally, I have days when I’m super hyper, incredibly grumpy (that’s when my friends call me “Shrumpy” instead of “Sheena”), crazy excited and randomly in a slump. But nope – not my mother.

So as mothers do, my mom tries to pass on her wisdom to me. Her latest lectures have even led to the development of a character whom she loves to bring up all the time. His name is Mr. Chip.

According to my mom, Mr. Chip is this little dude on your shoulder (see where it comes from? “Chip on your shoulder”??) who is constantly whispering negative things in your ear and trying to put you down to see if you can overcome his taunts and remain positive. Apparently I let him win too often cuz she now brings him up ALL THE TIME!

She tells me to tell Mr. Chip to shut up if he tries to make me sleep in 5 more mins, or if he tells me I’m not good enough or I can’t do something. She once sent me a random message, out of nowhere, saying “Mr. Chip is always present. Beware of him. You just have to control Mr. Chip and now allow him to control you.”

*insert eye-rolling emoticon here*

The thing is, as irritating as this whole Mr. Chip thing is, every single time my mom brings him up, I laugh so hard that I forget about the bad mood, or negative voice, or whatever it is that’s getting me down and I just feel so grateful and thankful to God for giving me such a crazy but loving and wonderful mother.

My mom is pretty smart so I sometimes wonder if this actually is her tactic or if she really believes in Mr. Chip.

Either way, her mission is always accomplished.

Click here to see her PUBLIC POST on my blog regarding Mr. Chip… I was mortified at first, but then accepted that THIS is my reality :p



Movies Make Me Jump!

Uff!! I had the most embarrassing moment at the cinema last night!

I went with a date to watch this awful movie… well I shouldn’t say that cuz I’m sure some people enjoy this kind of thing – but for me, suspense, thrillers and scary movies just make me feel like I’m gonna have an anxiety attack!!


“The Grey” was all about wolves and survival…and there’s one part where it’s all quiet and then this wolf jumps up out of nowhere, and I actually SCREAMED in the cinema! I jumped like a mile and full out SHRIEKED!!!!!

I kinda killed the moment  cuz everyone was laughing. The people in front of me even turned around to look at me – it was absolutely mortifying!

I’m just gonna watch Bollywood movies from now on – all that happy, warm fuzzy, dancing around trees – that’s more my scene.

A movie that has most people on the edge of their seats and me jumping right out of mine!