STUPID WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel SO bad.

You know those situations where you say something and the wrong person hears it and it all gets misunderstood?

Well that happened to me yesterday – with a complete stranger – and it made me look like a total meanie! (meanie is not really the word I would have used but we are keeping this blog rated G right?!)

So here’s how it all went down:

I went to meet some friends in Souk Al Bahar, and I was late. When I got there, they were complaining to me that I kept them waiting in the heat so I had to explain that the reason I took SO long. I was waiting AGES in the parking lot for this woman to perform her 18-point-turn-reverse-park into the spot next to me, and when she finally managed to complete this seemingly challenging feat, she proceeded to swing her 4×4 door open and BASH it into my little Toby (that’s the name of my car).

Now – as I’m sitting there explaining this whole story to my friends, there were some people who kept walking by our table to take photos of the Dubai Fountain, and one lady accidentally bumped into my arm as she was passing by. The unfortunate thing is that she bumped into me JUST as I was finishing my story with a dramatic ending, yelling “STUPID WOMAN!!!!”

Of course, I was referring to the woman who hit my car with her door, but this poor lady was so flustered and taken aback because she thought I was yelling at her and calling her a stupid woman. I tried to fix it and said “Oh my goodness! Nooooooooo! Not youuuuuuuuu!! You aren’t the stupid womaaaaaaaaan!!”  but she backed away with a look in her eye that was part fear, part sympathy because I’m sure she thought I was crazy.

I don’t know if she believed me that I really wasn’t talking about her and I still feel SO bad.

So – to the dear sweet random lady who bumped into my arm accidentally yesterday – if you’re reading this – I promise! It wasn’t you! I’m sorry and I’m not a horrible person!! Promise!!

Yes… I am face palming right now.

What I wanted to do after yelling “STUPID WOMAN”
Unfortunately I had to use my hand to palm my face instead.