TAD 365


I feel special and honoured today because I got to be a part of a very cool project called TAD 365 – which takes a look at every day people from all over who are active and interesting to follow on Twitter!

It’s called TAD for “Tweeter a Day” and 365, meaning one for each day of the year. I am day #299! (kinda feels like a month in one of those dodgy calendars, but it’s not – trust me! :p)

Last week, I met up with Roycin to do the photo shoot and we decided to make the picture a snapshot of a typical day in my life here in Dubai…

For those of you who know me, you’ll know exactly what that entails!

Have a look:



The Dilemma of Being a Loyal Customer.

I have always been a creature of habit.

Since I moved here, I started going to this Arabic restaurant – “Chandelier” in the Marina Walk in Dubai.

I love it! The food is amazing, I take all my guests there when they visit the UAE, I often spend afternoons sitting by the fountain reading books or even writing blog entries, and I know each and every staff member there by name.

The atmosphere is my favourite in the UAE, and the friendly smiles make me feel like it’s my second home. (My friends actually do refer to it as my second home).

But lately, I’ve also found a new love for Reem al Bawadi. This was never a problem before because Reem al Bawadi was on one side of town and Chandelier was on the other. So whenever I was on THAT side, I’d go to Reem; and whenever I was on THIS side, I’d go to Chandelier…

But NOW… Dilemma.

Reem al Bawadi has opened a branch IN Dubai Marina Walk… and it’s beautiful! AND all of my favourite staff from the other branches are now here in Marina.

So today I find myself parking my car and walking towards Reem Al Bawadi. To get there, I must pass by Chandelier. As I passed Chandelier, I felt this guilt. This feeling like I was a traitor! Like I was betraying my initial team!!

So I turned back and walked towards Chandelier. I stood there disgruntled and confused. For the life of me, I just couldn’t decide if I wanted to go to Chandelier or Reem! I turned back and went to Reem, then turned back and went back to Chandelier…people were looking at me like I was crazy walking back and forth!

Finally I sat down at Chandelier and realized it was just too hot to sit outside anyway. I re-gathered my belongings and when none of the staff were looking, I snuck away and went back to Reem. (don’t worry – I hadn’t ordered yet!)

Anyway the point is that this internal struggle was truly bizarre.

Is it just me? Or do you sometimes feel guilty and that you’re cheating on your favourite restaurant?

Hmm.. just me, huh!?

Well I told the story to Sulaiman at Reem Al Bawadi, and order to make me aware that I made the “right” decision, he made me a SPECIAL special shisha… with birdies and flowers and the lot. Have a look: